New Construction

Building a New Home in Billings, MT?

Set up post-construction cleaning before you move in

Building a house is an exciting process. You're involved in every step of the process, from walking on the fresh foundation to watching your contractor hang the light fixtures. If you've been on a new construction lot, you know the building process can be messy. Don't put up with Sheetrock dust and dirt in your brand-new home. The Right Cleaning Service LLC can take care of your post-construction cleaning in Billings, MT.

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Finish your remodel with a thorough cleaning

Finish your remodel with a thorough cleaning

If you've been remodeling your home over the last few months, you're probably tired of living in the mess. We offer post-renovation cleaning services to help homeowners like you get their spaces back.

When you hire us for post-renovation cleaning, we will...

  • Pick up any leftover debris from construction and dispose of it
  • Wipe down all surfaces to remove built-up dust and dirt
  • Sweep soft surfaces to get deep-set particles out of the fibers

We also offer service for commercial properties and warehouses. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 406-606-2165 today.